Sarah’s Testimony (Bible Literacy)

We believe that when God’s Word is available in one’s native language, it touches the heart. To this end, SMARD provides Bible’s in the native Dinka Rek language and helps the South Sudanese both read and understand the text and context. This is what we mean by “Biblical Literacy”.

On May 13, 2018, James met with students at the Bible Literacy Center that SMARD founded in Bong-Adoor village to assess the impact of the Biblical Literacy program. While there, he met Sarah Adheth Bul. Sarah attends the Bible Literacy class at Maliai Centre. She is about 52 years old and is married with six children. Sarah became a believer and follower of Christ when she was 36. As with many believers in South Sudan, she was illiterate and thus could not read the Bible.

When SMARD began its literacy program through the financial support from Fellowship Bible Church in 2016, Sarah immediately enrolled. Now she can read the Bible in the Dinka Rek language, her mother tongue, and has now become a leader in the Maliai Church!
Sarah says,

“I was like a blind person when listening to a Pastor preaching. I could not distinguish if he was speaking from his head or from the Bible, but now I can verify the statements made. Also, my faith in Christ has been enhanced since I started reading the Word of God in my own language, and this is a gift like no other. I also have been sharing the Gospel with my relatives and friends with confidence, and many of them have become followers of Jesus. I thank God for opening my eyes through this program. Thanks be to SMARD and supporters for this wonderful gift!”

The work of the Lord is shining brightly through our Literacy Program. We praise God for Sarah’s testimony and are grateful to each supporter who made such wonderful things possible!

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