We’re so thrilled to bring you an update from Angelo Deng as he continues his studies in medicine and surgery at Kenya Methodist University. While COVID and other issues have caused some delays in his program, he is back to in-person learning and more excited than ever to complete his degree and return to Lietnhom, South Sudan. To hear from Angelo himself, as well as learn more about the shipping container of medical supplies we’ve been blessed to receive, read the full update here. 

God is clearly at work in the life of Angelo Deng from Lietnhom, South Sudan. Angelo first met the SMARD team when he was just 12 years old, and since then, he has been determined to become a doctor. A bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery from Kenya Methodist University will afford him countless opportunities to move to a larger city and enjoy urban life. Instead, he’s committed to returning to Lietnhom, serving as his people’s first doctor. Watch the video below to learn more about Angelo’s story and God’s provision in his life to help him accomplish this goal. 

Just like most educational institutions around the globe, Angelo’s university shifted to a virtual platform in 2020 due to COVID. This was an especially difficult challenge for medical schools, whose students rely heavily on hands-on hospital experience as they learn and prepare for their careers. To further complicate matters, a doctor’s strike in Kenya in March of 2021 postponed studies once again. Thankfully, the strike has since resolved, and Angelo is able to return to in-person classes. He is now in his fifth year of a six year program, and upon completion, he will return to Lietnhom to open his practice.

When Angelo arrives back in South Sudan, a generous gift will be waiting. SMARD partnered with Project CURE, the world’s largest distributor of donated medical equipment and supplies to resource-limited communities across the globe, to seek out supplies for Angelo’s future clinic. Lietnhom is now the recipient of a cargo container full of donated medical supplies and equipment. This unbelievable gift, valued at roughly $400,000 – $450,000, will be used to establish a local medical clinic, where Angelo will have all he needs to serve his people. 

This generous provision is an incredible opportunity that SMARD could never have offered to Angelo alone, and there is much to be done to prepare for Angelo’s return and the launch of his clinic. Pray that the medical container is delivered safely to Lietnhom. Valuable shipped items like this, valued at $400,000-$450,000, can have a high risk of tampering as they travel. Pray, too, for the SMARD team as they make plans for physical structure that will serve as Leitnhom’s medical clinic.

Angelo says, “I am grateful for the support you have given me this far. I say thank you for blessing me and the people of Lietnhom. The last two years have been very challenging for me. On 29th of March, doctors resumed work and we have also resumed learning. Currently I am doing my first semester of 5th year. I would be doing my last semester of year 5 in May, unfortunately there has been a lot of interruption. I thank you also for making it possible to have a break and go to Lietnhom. It was a great experience to be back among my people again. It’s a great feeling to be involved in the process of starting a clinic in Lietnhom.

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